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The talamascan Transcript ^-^

talamasca person:After many months of digging in the Talamasca vaults, I have finally found this transcript which dates back to the 1700's in france. Here it is.

Gabrielle: * hoping that lestat doesn't ask her* @____@;;

Nickki: Dont worry, Lestat's in the bathroom constipated again =3

Gabrielle: *sniff* But what about when he comes out!

Nickki: Spray the bathroom with air freshener?

Nickki: Dammit >< I hate Thanatos, the cheap $!@&$*#&*

Wolf: Damn him walking around me in his speedo proud of the pummeling he gave me ><

Nickki: Be right back, gotta check if Lestat is done in there yet *goes and knocks on the bathroom door* Lestat?

Gabrielle: *hides behind couch*

Nickki:*Moves away from the door* Ack! That's a Super nasty smell coming out of there *cough*

Gabrielle: o_0

Lestat: Go away! You're ruining my concentration!

Nickki: but Lestat Gabrielle ate your sandwich!


Lestat: DAmmit Nickki! I said go away!

Lestat: *straining* Dammit! mom! Bring me another newspaper to read!

Gabrielle: *blushes furiously* Lestat! I told you to quit reading playboy!! *throws all Lestat's playboys in the trash*

Lestat: What did you say mom?!

Lestat: *growls and strains*
toilet: *SPLASH!*
Lestat: *is no longer constipated and is mad!*

Lestat: *kicks the door open!*
Event: *everyone is hit by the smell of the bathroom!*
Everyone: *COUGH HACK!*

someone: God! Lestat light a match!

Lestat: *shakes fist angrily at the comment*

event: Nickki was really the one to burn all Lestat's playboys

Nickki: *waves his hand in front of his face* P.U., that's a nasty smell Lestat

Lestat: Oh? And I suppose YOUR shit smells like cinnimon buns? HUH?! >_>

Nickki: ^-^;;;

Gabrielle: *goes to kitchen and takes playboys out of the trash and throws em in fireplace*

Gabrielle: *throws match in on playboys* it was cold in here.

Lestat: What's that burning smell?! >_>

Gabrielle: *makes innocent face* why i don't know

Lestat: Nickki! Are you going to let her burn YOUR Playboys like that? >_>

Nickki: but their yours Lestat

lestat: Nickki, I know they're yours >_>

gabrielle: *shows everyone the label with lestat's name and address on it*

lestat: That's because I had to order them FOR Nickki >_>

gabrielle: *angrily* then why were they under your pillow and bed!!

lestat: What were you doing in my room? >_>

nickki: searching for blackmail of course ^-^ but decided to burn your porn instead hehe......Ooops...did that slip.... >.>;;

lestat: I told you, it's not mine. And what right do you have going in my room and invade my privacy?!

nickki: *shows photograph of lestat reading porn and jerking off*

everyone: x_x

lestat: *takes the photos* Those pictures are nickki's >_>

gabrielle: thats not nickki in the picture now is it!!!

lestat: he took the pictures >_>

lestat: You need to be punished for being so naughty woman >_>

lestat: >____>

lestat: *in the bathroom again* ....damn rotten tomatoes...

nickki: *points at the bathroom*

lestat: ARGH! *FART*

talamasca: and so we believe Lestat de lioncourt crapped his way into immortality

the end


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