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The Savage Garden [15 Mar 2009|02:26am]


Thank you all ahead of time for your time. I'd like to welcome you all to my forum that is called The Savage Garden. Its a little RP community that has recently opened and, is in need of members. This is not spam and, this is a real site where we do not discriminate our members as long as they obey the few simple rules that allows us to keep our forum open.

This is our link.

By the way yes we know that the author of this series is no longer popular. The creators of this forum feel that some of the things she has said about her work are a slap in the face to us. However we love the body of work she has created and, just because the author is lost in her own black pit we stand by her characters even if she herself does not.

I apologize that we have so many links on this community in such a short time. We're just really looking for new members and, our friend Rebekah posted to her communities. I however am blanketing every community with a like interest. I really hate advertising in a way that seems like we're spamming. Again  I apologize and, you will not get another post like this from me for a month or so.

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Anne Rice fans [11 Mar 2009|05:48pm]


Check a new Anne Rice Character forum . . . thesavagegarden.11.forumer.com

Register and have fun posting with the vampires.

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The talamascan Transcript ^-^ [19 Jun 2004|04:27pm]

talamasca person:After many months of digging in the Talamasca vaults, I have finally found this transcript which dates back to the 1700's in france. Here it is.

Gabrielle: * hoping that lestat doesn't ask her* @____@;;

Nickki: Dont worry, Lestat's in the bathroom constipated again =3

Gabrielle: *sniff* But what about when he comes out!

Nickki: Spray the bathroom with air freshener?

Nickki: Dammit >< I hate Thanatos, the cheap $!@&$*#&*

Wolf: Damn him walking around me in his speedo proud of the pummeling he gave me ><

Nickki: Be right back, gotta check if Lestat is done in there yet *goes and knocks on the bathroom door* Lestat?

Gabrielle: *hides behind couch*

Nickki:*Moves away from the door* Ack! That's a Super nasty smell coming out of there *cough*

Gabrielle: o_0

Lestat: Go away! You're ruining my concentration!

Nickki: but Lestat Gabrielle ate your sandwich!


Lestat: DAmmit Nickki! I said go away!

Lestat: *straining* Dammit! mom! Bring me another newspaper to read!

Gabrielle: *blushes furiously* Lestat! I told you to quit reading playboy!! *throws all Lestat's playboys in the trash*

Lestat: What did you say mom?!

Lestat: *growls and strains*
toilet: *SPLASH!*
Lestat: *is no longer constipated and is mad!*

Lestat: *kicks the door open!*
Event: *everyone is hit by the smell of the bathroom!*
Everyone: *COUGH HACK!*

someone: God! Lestat light a match!

Lestat: *shakes fist angrily at the comment*

event: Nickki was really the one to burn all Lestat's playboys

Nickki: *waves his hand in front of his face* P.U., that's a nasty smell Lestat

Lestat: Oh? And I suppose YOUR shit smells like cinnimon buns? HUH?! >_>

Nickki: ^-^;;;

Gabrielle: *goes to kitchen and takes playboys out of the trash and throws em in fireplace*

Gabrielle: *throws match in on playboys* it was cold in here.

Lestat: What's that burning smell?! >_>

Gabrielle: *makes innocent face* why i don't know

Lestat: Nickki! Are you going to let her burn YOUR Playboys like that? >_>

Nickki: but their yours Lestat

lestat: Nickki, I know they're yours >_>

gabrielle: *shows everyone the label with lestat's name and address on it*

lestat: That's because I had to order them FOR Nickki >_>

gabrielle: *angrily* then why were they under your pillow and bed!!

lestat: What were you doing in my room? >_>

nickki: searching for blackmail of course ^-^ but decided to burn your porn instead hehe......Ooops...did that slip.... >.>;;

lestat: I told you, it's not mine. And what right do you have going in my room and invade my privacy?!

nickki: *shows photograph of lestat reading porn and jerking off*

everyone: x_x

lestat: *takes the photos* Those pictures are nickki's >_>

gabrielle: thats not nickki in the picture now is it!!!

lestat: he took the pictures >_>

lestat: You need to be punished for being so naughty woman >_>

lestat: er....man.... >____>

lestat: *in the bathroom again* ....damn rotten tomatoes...

nickki: *points at the bathroom*

lestat: ARGH! *FART*

talamasca: and so we believe Lestat de lioncourt crapped his way into immortality

the end



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Welcome [19 Jun 2004|04:20pm]

Enjoy fanficing



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